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A Week Through Prague, Vienna and Budapest!

Traveling to Prague, Vienna and Budapest? Here’s an itinerary to help you plan your week in Eastern Europe.



Day 1: Half Day in Old Town Square

Welcome to the first stop in your Prague, Vienna and Budapest trip. You can either kick off Prague at the Prague Beer Museum or you can end your first night here. Although, it isn’t really a museum. It’s more of a smokey dive bar filled with locals and out of towners from all over the world. Whichever you choose, Old Town is the ideal place to stay if your in Prague for a few days.

Everyone makes a stop at the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square to watch a puppet show at the top of the hour every hour. When the show’s over, dinner options are plenty. If you opt for some local goulash, like I did, you can walk it off by strolling across the Charles Bridge towards the Lennon Wall. The Charles Bridge at night highlights the 30 gothic statues that line both sides of the bridge.

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Hofburg Palace: Last Palace, I Swear

The Hofburg Palace is the last palace on my Prague-Vienna-Budapest trip. Castles don’t count – right? 🙂


First the Belvedere Palace, then the Schonbrunn Palace. Are we done with palaces yet? Not quite. There’s still the Hofburg Palace, the emperor’s winter palace.

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Sauntering Around The Schonbrunn Palace

The Schonbrunn Palace used to be the emperor’s hunting ground, but is now filled with Greek statues and lush green gardens.


Schonbrun Palace, which is German for “beautiful springs”, is much like the Belvedere Palace. This royal residence was also built in Baroque-style architecture and currently preserved as a museum.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Schonbrunn Palace was purchased by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II. It was used as his own personal hunting ground. Now, it’s a serene estate filled with lush gardens and statues of mythical and historical figures.

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