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10 Korean Skincare Products For Long Flights

Keep your skin looking dewey fresh on long flights with these Korean skincare products


Korean skincare products have finally made it mainstream! I was thrilled to see if finally come into the US market. My daily skincare routine is like a mini vacation. I take it religiously. Some people might find the 10-step process excessive or a hassle, but I see it as mini-spa treatment. So when I travel, I make sure my mini-spa treatments come with me – especially for those long flights that really dry out my skin.

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Mosaic Art In NYC’s New Train Stations

Check out mosaic art installations featured in NYC’s three new train stations along the Q line.



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Tired of traditional art museums? New York City’s MTA recently opened 3 new train stations (and expanded an existing one) with unique mosaic art installations – each by a different artist with a different style.

The new stations along the Q line extends to the Upper East Side. The plan for this new extension apparently goes all the way back to the 1920’s. A century later, we here we are!

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NYC’s Flatiron Room: A Different Kind of Flight

The Flatiron Room is a whiskey lover’s dream with selections ranging from around the world.


Care for a drink? Jameson and ginger ale is my usual. Occasionally, it’s a New York Sour or a Fireball. Nothing fancy. As you can tell, I’m a whiskey girl. But when I do want to get fancy, my go-to whiskey bar is The Flatiron Room – a culturally curated whiskey bar with selections from around the world.

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