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Weekend Getaway: 3 Things To Do in DC

My favorite three things to do in DC: see pandas at the national zoo, roam through the Hirschhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden and visit Georgetown University.


Smithsonian National Zoo

Unless you’re going to Atlanta, Memphis or San Diego, your only chance to see giant pandas are in DC’s national zoo. It’s the only panda conservation on the east coast.

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Weekend Getaway: Where to Eat in DC

Planning a weekend getaway to our nation’s capital? Here’s where to eat in DC from local budget bars to pricier historic establishments.


Lox & schmear bagel for brunch. #nomnomnom

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There are plenty of dining options in DC, but one thing I noticed as a broke grad student was this: in DC, good food comes with a price tag. So if you’re on a budget, you’re probably wondering where to eat in DC that won’t hurt your wallet too much. DC is not like NYC where delicious food can be found in a hole in the wall for a few bucks. As a grad student, I was careful about when and where I splurged so not all my recommendations are fine dining options.

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Final Days in DC

DC is conservative, suffocating and very square, but with good friends even the uneventful days are good days.


DC has been good to me these past two years. Much of that has to do with the friends I’ve made and less to do with the city itself. And this week was certainly uneventful compared to the b-school life we’ve been so accustomed to these past two years.

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