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Suzhou, China: Garden Paradise

The luscious gardens in Suzhou help keep the freshness in the air, unlike toxic conditions in nearby cities.


Experience Tongli town’s romantic side by taking a nighttime stroll. #TravelSuzhou

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I caught a fever a few weeks after arriving in China. It left me with a smoker’s cough, which remained a permanent side affect until I left the country. Fifteen minutes away by bullet train was Suzhou. There I was finally able to breath in some crisp, fresh air and exhale some of Shanghai’s industrial pollution.

Suzhou’s beauty lies in its lush imperial gardens and beautiful stone bridges.  It would have been paradise had it not been for the hordes of tourists. But who am I kidding? This is China. There are hordes of people everywhere.

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Wuzhen, China: A Town On Water

Every town has it’s charm. In Wuzhen, it’s their handmade noodles and rice wine. Don’t leave without having a taste!


Reminiscing about my days traveling through #China. First stop #Wuzhen, a town built on water.

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When the travel bug first bit, I thought I could do it all. I wanted to take on the nightlife and catch all the cultural stuff during the day. A trip to Wuzhen taught me otherwise.

Running on an hour of sleep after a night of karaoking, I woke up and met the floor with my face. I scrambled to put myself together for the two-hour bus ride to Wuzhen from Shanghai.

Wuzhen is a water town built on rivers and canals and lined with wooden hut houses. On a cloudy day, the small arched bridges and low hanging tree leaves give the town a very down-to-earth charm.

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Poverty In Pudong

Like many major cities, Shanghai’s Pudong district is one filled glamours lights and makeshift homes, high-end restaurants and trash can dinners and the haves and have nots.

Poverty In Pudong

¥20 for a cab ride down to People’s Park (人民公园). ¥10 to see the Gaudi exhibit at the MOCA. ¥40 for lunch at Pizza Hut. ¥50 for a shuttle ride to the Oriental Pearl Tower. ¥50 for dinner. ¥10 for extraneous expenses. I spent ¥170 like it was nothing, because in my mind it was only $10.

I walked along the Huangpu River that night. There was a boy in ripped rags and torn slippers. He looked about 10 years old. He approached me raising a flower in his hand and said,

“一块,一块。要不要花?”(One dollar, one dollar. Do you want flowers?)

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