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Putuoshan, China: Buddhist Island on The East China Sea

Cab. Train. Boat. That’s what it takes to get from Shanghai to Putuoshan, one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains on an island in the East China Sea.


Giant bronze statue of Guan Yin on #Putuoshan, a Buddhist island on The East #China Sea.

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Putuoshan, one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains on an island in the East China Sea, is a place of enlightenment for the Bodhisattva Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. The island has an amazing seascape of oceans and beaches, which is a rarity in China. I discovered a door with an incredible view of the water but it’s hard to take in the view when there is no such thing as personal space in China. Your space is my space and everyone else’s space.

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The Missing Heads of The Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes is another city in China that suffered at the hands of the Japanese soldiers.


Hundreds of Buddhas & stone statutes carved by hand in The Longmen Grottoes. #Luoyang #China #travel

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The Longmen Grottoes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located near Luoyang. It is populated from top to bottom in carvings, engravings and sculptures of Buddha and his disciples. In a single sentence on a board by the entrance gate to the Longmen Grottoes, it states that Japanese soldiers chopped off the heads of the stone statues of religious idols. These pieces are probably sitting in some museum in Japan right now.

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Provincialism By The Iron Pagoda

Iron Pagoda wasn’t on my bucket list, but smaller attractions like this reminds me that the less traveled paths are just as beautiful and charming as the bigger ones.


Bricks of Buddha that make up the Iron Pagoda in #Kaifeng, #China. #travel

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You know that stereotype that Asian’s can’t drive. I can prove otherwise. Well, my cab driver in Kaifeng can. The town’s alleyways were so narrow that the walls and side mirrors were only an inch apart. The cab driver sped through it while striking up a casual conversation. It reminded me of that carnival game where you move a metal ring down a rotating metal rod. If the two pieces touched, you’d get zapped. Driving down that alley felt just like that. At any moment, the car could crash and I’d be zapped.

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