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How I Failed At Snorkeling In Cancun

Can you go snorkeling in Cancun if you don’t know how to swim? I found out the hard way.


Wishing I could dip my toes into this…#travel #mexico #cancun #beach #latergram

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How did I fail at snorkeling? It was pretty simple: I don’t know how to swim. Armed with my college education, I came to the conclusion that snorkeling requires you to be under water so it’s not much different than drowning. Except I totally forgot about the floating part, which I can’t seem to do either.

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Scorpion Temple: Cancun’s Templo del Alacran

Don’t miss the Scorpion Temple at Park Royal Cancun Resort. It’s a reminder that Cancun isn’t just spring break & towering luxury hotels.


Scorpion Temple Cancun

The Scorpion Temple, or Templo del Alacran, sits on the highest point in Cancun at the Park Royal Cancun Resort. The temple gets its name from the remains of scorpion sculpture on its walls.

Entrance to see the ruins is free. I highly recommend visiting during the day as the steps are steep and somewhat rugged. With a lack of lighting and a few mojitos, it’s a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

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Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand Resort: Not Your Typical Cancun Trip

Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand Resort isn’t for spring breakers. This where grown ups decompress and marinate in the resort’s luxurious spa facilities.


The Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand Hotel sure kew how to put a grin on my face. Not only was I given a huge room with an oceanfront view, I was also greeted by a delightfully delicious dessert – chocolate covered strawberries dipped in a sweet and tangy cream. Yum!

It completely changed my misconception that Cancun was only a budget destination for rowdy spring breakers. It ended up being the most relaxing getaway from my soul sucking 9-7.

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