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Mosaic Hopping Through NYC’s New Train Stations

Griffith Observatory: LA, I See You

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Griffith Observatory: LA, I See You

My LA visits always start at the Griffith Observatory. It’s the perfect place for a panoramic view, crisp air, fresh trees and to see the Hollywood sign.


Told my boyfriend to take a hike…at the #griffithobservatory 😛. #LA #california #travel #hollywood #losangeles

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The “hike” up to the Griffith Observatory is always the first thing I do when I’m in LA. I call it a “hike” and a not a hike because the car is usually parked near the observatory’s free, but limited, parking lot. The Griffith Observatory is not the only place with a panoramic view of LA. It is my favorite though. I always enjoy the fresh air, the winding drive up the mountain, and as it usually is in LA, the bright sun and blue skies. Plus, here is where everyone takes the obligatory selfie with the Hollywood sign in the backdrop.

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Hong Kong’s Sky Dining 101: Dim Sum @ The Sky Boss

The Sky Boss, which is part of Sky Dining 101, serves the finest dim sum in Hong Kong. Come for the food. Stay for the view. Hope you’re not afraid of heights.


Dim sum in Hong Kong is served on practically every single street. When you visit family from half way around the world though, you are taken to the fanciest (read most expensive) dim sum restaurant at Sky Dining 101. This group of high-end restaurants are located at the top of the tallest building in Hong Kong – The International Commerce Center. Sky Boss is where carefully wrapped xia gao and sui mais are served on delicate porcelain plates along with an amazing panoramic promenade view of Tsim Sha Tsui – Hong Kong’s tourist hub overflowing with high end shops and fine dining restaurants.

Sky Dining 101 is eating on the 101st floor instead of the ground floor. It’s paying $$$$ instead of $. Plates are gracefully placed instead of hastily tossed onto the table. Food is silky and light bites instead of greasy mouthfuls. The environment is serene and clean – emphasis on CLEAN – instead of loud restaurant chatter.

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China’s Income Inequality: The Haves & Have Nots

China’s income inequality is prevalent, but also overlooked as rapid development has made it the norm for haves and have nots to live amongst one another.


China’s income inequality has become so apparent as the country progresses. Those who don’t or can’t keep up get left behind. Looking back at the photos I took, I realized I was too busy capturing what was new and shiny and forgot to look back at what China used to be – where my family came from.

The parts of China I neglected to capture were countryside migrant workers toiling in shifts to build massive condos at an unprecedented rate. I missed the groups of children breathing in an ever present cloud of construction dust and debris while they played in ripped rubber slippers. I looked past the expressionless faces of those who are just trying to endure one day at a time. This is China’s income inequality.

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