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Mosaic Hopping Through NYC’s New Train Stations

Griffith Observatory: LA, I See You

Experience NYC Like A Local!

Riding On An Elephant Train In Bangkok

New on A Cup of Moca!

5 Reasons To Love NYC

Not that I need to convince you, but here are 5 reasons to love NYC. We’ve got the hustle, the theater, the live shows, pop-up art and, of course, the food!


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Whether you’re a Native New Yorker or if you’re just passing through, there are so many reasons to love NYC. The options here are endless and you’ll never run out of experiences. It seems overwhelming at first, but then it gets addicting. You keep coming back for more and eventually, everything you hate about this city – the rats, the crowd, the overpriced everything – doesn’t even phase you anymore.

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Around The World In Two New York City Blocks

New York City is proudly built by immigrants. Come experience different cultures from around the world in just a few short New York City blocks.


Amidst all the shopping that Soho has to offer, this neighborhood also offers an opportunity to experience different cultures from around the world in a few short city blocks.

Brunch @ Jack’s Wife Freda

This American-Mediterranean restaurant, named after the owner’s grandparents, was built by immigrants from South Africa and Israel and serves food influenced by grandmother Freda’s cooking. This hodgepodge of cultural influence gave birth to a delicious pressed sandwich made with duck prosciutto, cheddar béchamel, gruyere and a sunny side up egg called Madame Freda.

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Asian Fusion Food Trifecta in the East Village

Craving Asian fusion food? Head to NYC’s East Village for my favorite trifecta of Baohaus, Momofuku Noodle Bar & Spot Dessert Bar.


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I grew up on Chinese food. I ate it all day, every day. It’s my comfort food. But after a while, it get’s boring. Enter Asian fusion cuisine – my all-time favorite cuisine. It’s familiar enough to be comforting yet slightly different enough to be just a little exciting. In the East Village, there are three Asian-infused eateries that always satisfies my cravings. I call it my Asian fusion trifecta.

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