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Mosaic Hopping Through NYC’s New Train Stations

Griffith Observatory: LA, I See You

Experience NYC Like A Local!

Riding On An Elephant Train In Bangkok

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Soaking Up Shanghai

Despite being Chinese, my first week in Shanghai was a culture shock.


Flying into Shanghai was like diving into a sea of dirty marshmallows. The clouds masked everything beneath it. Jet lagged from a 20-hour flight, the last thing I need was the city’s mugginess suffocating me before the crack of dawn.

The smog smothered me as I left my hotel. I quickly decided to pick up breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Returning from the supermarket, I stopped by a pre-paid calling card stand.

          那个…可以..打出美国?(Which one… can call… to America?)

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Hello & Welcome To A Cup of Moca!

Welcome To A Cup of Moca!



Hey Stranger! Welcome to A Cup of Moca. I’m Monica. Whatever it is you’re looking for, I hope you find it here. Many bloggers write to a particular audience. My audience is future me.

Why? Because when I was younger, time craaaaaaaaawled. When you’re 5 years old, one whole year makes up a huge chunk of your life. Now that I’m older, time goes by much quicker and I’m realizing how easy it is to forget the simple things.


Dear future me,

             These are the moments that matter.