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Provincialism By The Iron Pagoda

Iron Pagoda wasn’t on my bucket list, but smaller attractions like this reminds me that the less traveled paths are just as beautiful and charming as the bigger ones.


Bricks of Buddha that make up the Iron Pagoda in #Kaifeng, #China. #travel

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You know that stereotype that Asian’s can’t drive. I can prove otherwise. Well, my cab driver in Kaifeng can. The town’s alleyways were so narrow that the walls and side mirrors were only an inch apart. The cab driver sped through it while striking up a casual conversation. It reminded me of that carnival game where you move a metal ring down a rotating metal rod. If the two pieces touched, you’d get zapped. Driving down that alley felt just like that. At any moment, the car could crash and I’d be zapped.

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Discovering Chinese Jews in Kaifeng

Did you know Chinese Jews were Persian merchants who traveled to China via the Silk Road?


Legendary fog in #Kaifeng, #China. Imagine crossing the road in this weather! #travel #nofilter

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This was Kaifeng’s welcome. Fog? Pollution? Combination? I don’t know but it was one hell of a welcome. I held out my hand and saw nothing. I looked down and I had no feet. I blindly walked forward – away from the train station and closer to the sound of the road. I couldn’t see the cars and bicycles and they couldn’t see me. I played it by ear. Literally. And hailing a cab? I want to say, “Fuggedaboutit,” but I managed to do so. Till this day, it still puzzles me.

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Bathroom Trauma In Qufu, Confucius’ Birthplace

Qufu, the place where Confucius was born, had the worst hole-in-the-ground makeshift toilet I’ve ever seen!


Kong Family Mansion in #Qufu, #Confucius’ birthplace. #China #travel

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Unlike all the other places I visited in China, Qufu was the least touristy of them all. The main, and probably only, attraction is the Kong Family Mansion, home of China’s most prominent teacher and philosophers – Confucius.

It’s the second largest historical complex in China after the Forbidden City in Beijing. Like everywhere else in China, there were plenty of people trying to make a buck or two selling useless items. I was offered water bottles, maps, bicycle rentals, tour guides and souvenirs – all from the same lady!

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