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Buda or Pest: How To Choose Where To Stay?

Buda or Pest? You’re likely going to be going back and forth many times so you might as well choose a hotel close to the Charles Bridge.


I had a hard time deciding which side of Budapest to stay in. While I was debating between Buda or Pest, I started to map out all the things I wanted to see and do and eat. Before I even finalized my itinerary, I realized that I’d be going back and forth between Buda and Pest at least half a dozen times. To save on time and taxi fare, I decided to book a hotel close to the Chain Bridge. And I’m glad I did. I walked across that bridge over a dozen times during my visit. It was ALWAYS worth the trek.

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Hofburg Palace: Last Palace, I Swear

The Hofburg Palace is the last palace on my Prague-Vienna-Budapest trip. Castles don’t count – right? 🙂


First the Belvedere Palace, then the Schonbrunn Palace. Are we done with palaces yet? Not quite. There’s still the Hofburg Palace, the emperor’s winter palace.

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Sauntering Around The Schonbrunn Palace

The Schonbrunn Palace used to be the emperor’s hunting ground, but is now filled with Greek statues and lush green gardens.


Schonbrun Palace, which is German for “beautiful springs”, is much like the Belvedere Palace. This royal residence was also built in Baroque-style architecture and currently preserved as a museum.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Schonbrunn Palace was purchased by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II. It was used as his own personal hunting ground. Now, it’s a serene estate filled with lush gardens and statues of mythical and historical figures.

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