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Shady Tour Guide At The Copan Ruins

Making my way through the #CopanRuins in #Honduras. #travel #latergram

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Everyone says that the Copan Ruins pale in comparison to the Tikal in Guatemala and the Machu Picchu in Peru. Since I have yet to visit either one of them, chances were good that I’d be impressed. The Copan Ruins was about a 30 minute walk from my hotel. I could have hopped on a motor-taxi, but thought I’d use the walk to explore my neighborhood.

As soon as I entered the gates to the ruins, there was a large booth to the right. A guide appeared. He told me he’d been working there for over 30 years, overseeing parts of the excavation and doing numerous tours for people all over the world from Germany to Japan.

He directed us to the ticket booth and told us to come back for a personal tour whenever we were ready. Instead of waiting for us to return, he followed us. He hovered nearby as he watched us buy our ticket.

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Home Sweet Home In Honduras

Honduras was the first developing country I traveled to. I was too jet lagged and in shock of the blatant poverty to care about the condition of my stay.


Scenic route to #CopanValley in #Honduras. #travel #latergram

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After a six hour flight from New York to San Pedro Sula via Miami, all I could think about was the bed I’d be cozying up to later that night. Unfortunately, I had another four hour bus ride to look forward to before arriving in Copan Valley.

As we drove further away from San Pedro Sula, the houses along the dirt road went from brick houses with tin roof tops to mud houses with tin roof tops to wooden houses with plastic tarp and finally to a plastic tarp and a piece of string.

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