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La Pintada: Sing For The Gringos & They Will Buy Your Dolls

La Pintada is no different than many poor communities. Adults encourage children to depend on foreign donations instead of education to better their lives.


Horse back ride up to La Pintada, a Maya-Chorti village known for its cornhusk dolls. #honduras #travel #latergram

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Horseback riding was one of my favorite activities in Honduras. The tour took me up the mountains and through coffee plantations from the Copan Valley to La Pintada, a Maya-Chorti village known for the production of corn-husk dolls. The experience was a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

I was terrified that my horse would throw me off the edge of the cliff or run me into the barbed wires. I was in pain from gripping the saddle with my hands and thighs. I was pissed at Renaldo, my tour guide, for repeatedly making my horse gallop when I told him not to.

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Lago de Yojoa: Mildew, Mud & Mosquitoes

Get off the beaten path in Honduras and book a stay by the Lago de Yojoa, Honduras’ largest lake between Tegucigalpa, and San Pedro Sula.


Beautiful view at the Lago de Yojoa. #honduras #travel #latergram

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Lago de Yojoa is the largest lake in Honduras. It sits on the highway that connects Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa, and San Pedro Sula. Even though the lake is off the beaten path, it is still very much easily accessible. Lago de Yojoa is surrounded by a lush green forest of trees and rolling mountains from the Santa Bárbara National Park on the west and the Cerro Azul Meambar National Park on the east.

From Copan Valley, my friend and I caught a 5:30AM bus to San Pedro Sula and a one-hour taxi ride to our hotel, El Cortijo del Lago, located right by the lake. The hotel offers a panoramic view of Lago de Yojoa, private cabins, a variety of water sports activities and a restaurant. There are no other restaurants and no markets nearby to buy food or water. The closest town is about 10 kilometers away.

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Flashed At Macaw Mountain

Instead of remember the beautiful toucans at Macaw Mountain, I remember the pervert who flashed me.


Toucans at Macaw Mountain. #honduras #travel #latergram

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After a three-hour long horseback riding tour to La Pintada and half a day climbing up and down the Copan Ruins, my friend and I decided to sleep in on our third day in Honduras. We had breakfast at Via Via Cafe and hitched a ride from Parque Central to Macaw Mountain, a tropical rainforest 2.5km north of the Copan Ruins. Our tickets for Macaw Mountain were good for three days and it included a one-hour tour guide. However, we arrived late in the afternoon so all the tours were over by then.

We roamed around on our own looking at a rainbow of feathered birds. The macaws were kept in cages that were large enough for visitors to walk through. Other birds, like the toucans, were kept in smaller cages. I’m not a an animal fanatic so it didn’t take long for me to lose interest. Yes, these birds were beautiful but they were just birds.

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