Recharging at The Blue Lagoon before heading back to reality with silica face masks in a geothermal spa.


The Blue Lagoon was my final destination in Iceland and I’m so glad it was. After all the exploring I did, my body needed to be pampered. As soon as I saw the sign above, I knew it was going to be heaven. How could it not?! Look at that!

I felt like an ice queen as I made my way up to the entrance of the spa. The pathway was lined with basalt rocks and sprinkled with snow. It also helped that I booked the first hour available that morning to maximize my time there before my flight back to NYC. Just before the entrance, there is a part of the lagoon that is left sectioned off to show visitors what it would look like without visitors.

Before entering the lagoon, visitors are required to rinse off. Walking to the lagoon dripping wet after that shower in single digit temperature was NOT FUN. You know what else wasn’t fun? Standing outside of the lagoon to capture the view above. Looking back it was worth it. While I was doing it, I was shivering so hard I was afraid I’d chip a tooth.

The video above was attempted multiple times. Each time, I either panned it too quickly or my hands were too shaky because of the cold. Eighth time’s a charm! After that, I stayed in the water for a little bit to warm up. It felt tepid compared to the Secret Lagoon, but there were certain areas that were warmer than most. I made my way to the mask station a couple of times and lathered on that mask as I continued to search for the perfect “hot spot”.

I finally found it here! Tucked away in a corner, I enjoyed this space alone with a breath taking view. That is until it approached 10:30AM and more visitors began to fill the lagoon. They started to encroach in my space, but luckily did not block my view. I sat in that lagoon till the very last minute and reluctantly got up to meet the biting cold. Until next time, Blue Lagoon!

Monica reflects on her travels by sharing her thoughts on A Cup of Moca. She writes about her journey as she experiences the destination to encourage others to marinate in the moment instead of just checking things off a bucket list.