The Secret Lagoon had a natural local charm while The Blue Lagoon was created to be sexy for tourists. I couldn’t choose between the two so I visited both – just to compare. 😉


The Golden Circle tour was a good way to ease into my Iceland trip. Despite it being a bus tour, there was a decent amount of walking: National Thingvellir, Geysir, Icelandic horses, Gullfoss and, finally, The Secret Lagoon. The last stop was the perfect way to end a long, cold day outdoors.

This “secret” lagoon isn’t really a secret given that it’s part of the Northern Circle Tour. It’s dubbed the Secret Lagoon because it was forgotten for about 40 years. The land owners decided to revive it to show visitors what a true Icelandic bath is like compared to its more famous competitor – The Blue Lagoon.

The Secret Lagoon is the oldest Icelandic swimming pool and much toastier than The Blue Lagoon. Its 100° F natural thermal water made The Blue Lagoon feel lukewarm in comparison. The Secret Lagoon did wonders for my sore and tight muscles after a long day, but I wasn’t able to stay in for too long. My insides started to boil after a while so after going in and out of the pool a few times, I changed and wandered around until it was time to go. As the picture above shows, this place had a much more local charm than the sexy Blue Lagoon.

The Green Pick has a great infographic comparing The Secret Lagoon and The Blue Lagoon.

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