Caramel was the friendliest Icelandic horse I met. She nuzzled real close, sniffing the burger sauce I dripped on my jacket while I was at Geysir.


You can clearly see by the grin on my face how ecstatic I was to befriend one of these Icelandic horses. These stubby, chubby, furry creatures were the highlight of the Golden Circle tour. I named this one Caramel, after the ice cream I had earlier. She was my favorite.

In Iceland, these horses have no natural predators so they are extremely warm and friendly towards strangers. Over the years, Icelandic horses have become a popular tourist sighting. To protect their well-being, farmers have started to put up posts where treats can be purchased by tourists. It’s healthier and safer treat for them instead of random snacks tourists pack.

It took me a while to take a decent photo of Caramel. There was one annoying kid who wouldn’t stop petting her. Of all the fifty phots I took of Caramel, only one did not have his hands in the way. I wait so long for him to stop petting her that everyone in my tour group was waiting for me on the bus. The tour guide was kind enough not to rush me even though everyone was eager to end the trip with a dip in the “secret” lagoon.

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