I inhaled a cheeseburger while watching Iceland’s most famous geysers, Geysir and Strokkur, erupt with the smell of rotten eggs. No shame.




Iceland’s most famous geysers, Geysir and Strokkur, are located in the Haukadalur valley. Along with hot springs, these geysers were created after an earthquake in 1294 during an eruption from Mount Hekla. About thirty smaller geysers and hot pools are also found in this area, including one called Litli Geysir which erupts every half an hour.



After freezing in front of it for 20 minutes, I moved on to Strokkur for better luck. Strokkur is also known as Old Faithful and is active every 7-8 minutes. The power of these eruptions change over time as it is impacted by seismic activities. After the 1896 earthquake, Geysir would erupt several times a day and would last up to an hour. Now, it only lasts for a few seconds.

Visitors are warned to stand a certain distance from the geysers as the steam and water can be dangerously hot. What they don’t warn you is that when they do erupt, it smells like rotten eggs. It’s kind of like the earth farting. The smell comes from sulfur evaporating in the air.

Speaking of farts (farts = food), the best meal I had in Iceland was actually a cheeseburger from the tourist center. It had this sauce similar to McDonald’s secret Big Mac sauce, but you can just taste that it was much healthier. Or maybe I forced myself to believe that because food is expensive in Iceland and that cheeseburger alone cost me $10. Ketchup was extra.

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