The Fancy Animal Carnival features contemporary animal sculptures by Taiwanese artist Hung Yin in the Garment District.


Lunar New Year starts this Saturday, January 28. There will be plenty of celebrations in Chinatown, but you can also experience the culture at The Fancy Animal Carnival. This outdoor exhibit features 11 insanely colorful animal sculptures by contemporary Taiwanese artist Hung Yin in the Garment District.

The collection of beasts featured in The Fancy Animal Carnival is located on the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza. This strip runs along Broadway from 36th street to 41st street. Each sculpture tells a story with traditional Taiwanese symbols that are meant to bring good luck. Catch this Installation before it ends on April 15, 2017!

After a walk through The Fancy Animal Carnival, stop by one my favorite Sichuan restaurants – Savor Sichuan. Hope you can handle spicy because this place always makes my ears pop. My go-to dishes are the Mapo Tofu and Spicy Cumin Mutton. I love ordering them because there’s always left over. Just make some rice and veggies and I’ll have lunch or dinner ready for the week!

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