Check out mosaic art installations featured in NYC’s three new train stations along the Q line.



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Tired of traditional art museums? New York City’s MTA recently opened 3 new train stations (and expanded an existing one) with unique mosaic art installations – each by a different artist with a different style.

The new stations along the Q line extends to the Upper East Side. The plan for this new extension apparently goes all the way back to the 1920’s. A century later, we here we are!

  • The 63rd Street station has been expanded with installations that gives a historic portrayal of life in NYC back in the days
  • The 72nd Street station highlights the diversity of New Yorkers who work and live in this city that never sleeps with life size mosaics of people of different colors, creeds and occupations
  • The 86th Street station features 12 large scale black and white portraits
  • The 96th Street station is covered in blue and white tiles depicting the New York City landscape

Here’s a preview of the installations in each station.

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