Santa Monica is calling my name – literally! Being bi-coastal moves up on my bucket list every time I visit LA. I’m in love with the weather and the vibe.


Ever since I took my first trip to California years ago, being bi-coastal has been on my bucket list. With a view like this in Santa Monica, who wouldn’t? I mean, have you seen what the beaches look like in New York? Every time I go back to LA, the beach bum in me can’t help but dream about sprawling out on Santa Monica and not having a care in the world.

Being bi-coastal gives me the best of two words. I get the sun, the breeze, the air, the west coast vibe. I also get the hustle, the charge, the fast-paced New York shuffle. And when I need to catch my breath, back to LA I go. It’s like HIIT.

I’ve spent my entire marketing career on the agency side. Why can’t my next occupation could be a beach bum? Santa Monica has my name written ALL over it! All I have to do is find a way to generate passive income or work remotely because clearly my career as an Instagram influencer would tank as proven in my failed attempt at a poised and chic photo.

Luckily, the beach isn’t the only thing to see in Santa Monica. Like many tourist destinations, there are restaurants (Blue Plate Taco’s to catch the sunset), bars (Cameo Bar if you’re feeling fancy), shops (I’d go for boutiques) and spas (nothing beats yoga and nice hot massage). And they all come with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

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