This is how a New Yorker spends an outdoorsy day in LA. Start with brunch at the Farmer’s Market, then a visit to LACMA and finally, end your day by eating and shopping at The Grove.


In LA, I subconsciously avoid going “in” to anything. That’s why I always prefer an outdoorsy day in LA. The weather is so perfect I don’t want to waste a moment indoor if I don’t have to. At the Griffith Observatory, I spent more time wandering around it than exploring the exhibitions inside. At The Getty Center, I sped walked through the galleries so I could get outside. And even when I was inside, I was always looking out for a view.

While this city girl appreciates the outdoors, I need to build up my tolerance to dirt and tiny flying things. So aside from the beach or a trail, what’s another way to spend an outdoorsy day in LA? Taste testing food stalls at the original Farmer’s Market, exploring LACMA in the afternoon and ending the evening at The Grove.

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Parking is free at the Farmer’s Market if you’re there for less than 2 hours and have a receipt to validate your parking. LACMA is free too if you don’t actually go inside, which was fine by me because I spent most of the time taking pictures or posing for my selfie stick.

Unfortunately, you can’t get away with free at The Grove unless you’re there for only an hour. That won’t happen though. There’s plenty to do there – shop, eat, spa, eat, movie, eat. I’m not a shopper thought so it’s really just eat, eat, eat. I tell myself it’s okay. I’ll walk it off tomorrow. Plenty more outdoorsy days in LA.

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