The Getty Center, with its off-white architectural design, pops under the bright blue skies and offers an amazing panoramic view of LA.


White and clean. Two of my favorite things. The minimalist in me could live at The Getty Center. Some come for the art, but I’m all about the off-white architectural design. It complements the rich green garden, the open blue skies and the spectacular LA view. The art I can get in NYC, but the concrete jungle definitely does not have this view.

The Getty Center is the perfect place to pack a snack, grab a coffee and spend a warm afternoon with your latest read or take a nap on the grass under the sun. Ahhh, bliss. I wonder if they’d let me bring a mat and do yoga on the lawn. Admission is free, but parking is $15 and definitely worth every penny.

The Getty Center takes up about half a day. The other half can be spent at the Getty Villa, which I never make it to because it’s all the way in Malibu and I usually don’t have enough vacation time. One of these days though, I’ll make that incredible drive up along the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica/Venice Beach.

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