The Sky Boss, which is part of Sky Dining 101, serves the finest dim sum in Hong Kong. Come for the food. Stay for the view. Hope you’re not afraid of heights.


Dim sum in Hong Kong is served on practically every single street. When you visit family from half way around the world though, you are taken to the fanciest (read most expensive) dim sum restaurant at Sky Dining 101. This group of high-end restaurants are located at the top of the tallest building in Hong Kong – The International Commerce Center. Sky Boss is where carefully wrapped xia gao and sui mais are served on delicate porcelain plates along with an amazing panoramic promenade view of Tsim Sha Tsui – Hong Kong’s tourist hub overflowing with high end shops and fine dining restaurants.

Sky Dining 101 is eating on the 101st floor instead of the ground floor. It’s paying $$$$ instead of $. Plates are gracefully placed instead of hastily tossed onto the table. Food is silky and light bites instead of greasy mouthfuls. The environment is serene and clean – emphasis on CLEAN – instead of loud restaurant chatter.

Sky Dining 101, along with access to Facebook and Gmail, is only a few hour away from Shenzhen by bus. This trip was to pay my respects to my paternal grandmother. It was my first time visiting after her passing when I was in business school. While this was meant to be a solemn trip to the temple, it also included being dragged my family members to visit brand name storefronts lined with things I can’t afford to buy and places I can’t afford to stay in. However, I did get to experience Sky Dining 101 with fancy dim sum and delicate tea at The Sky Boss.

There was a catch. I was stuck with the very expensive bill at my mother’s last minute request, which she casually mentioned as we rode the elevator up to the 101st floor to the restaurant. It was her way of showing off without actually showing off. In Chinese culture, when children “make it”, their parents “make it” too. Luckily, when you’re spending quality time with family you haven’t seen in years in the tallest building in Hong Kong filled with delicious dim sum and surrounded by an incredible view, you marinate in the experience and forget about the money evaporating in my bank.

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