If New York City gave me beaches like Venice Beach and weather like LA, being bi-coastal would not be on the bucket list.


My grad school friends were getting married in Sonoma Valley so I decided to make this trip out to California a week-long west coast getaway.

My stay in LA consisted of a lot of driving (not by me), sipping on coffee and tea at Verve, gorging at In-N-Out, eating cheap Mexican food, seeing the Hollywood sign at Griffith Observatory, spending a city girl’s definition of an outdoorsy day in LA and watching the sun set at a rooftop bar from Venice Beach.

In a different kind of jungle…🌴🌴🌴 #westcoast #California #roadtrip #travel #LA #losangeles #verve

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I contemplated what it would be like to move to LA . With a view like that from Venice beach, it’s hard to resist. The possibility seemed so feasible, but I was terrified of the opportunity cost.

I love this laid back vibe, but for how long? What if my neurotic New York-ness kicks in? What if I turn out to be a terrible driver? What if my career progressed a little slower here?

Maybe if I was a few years younger. For the money I throw away every month for my shoebox apartment in the city, I could have so much more space in LA and much better weather all year round.

Or maybe I can make the move when I retire. How much does a beachfront property go for nowadays? I think I might need to start making the investments now.

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