Buda or Pest? You’re likely going to be going back and forth many times so you might as well choose a hotel close to the Charles Bridge.


I had a hard time deciding which side of Budapest to stay in. While I was debating between Buda or Pest, I started to map out all the things I wanted to see and do and eat. Before I even finalized my itinerary, I realized that I’d be going back and forth between Buda and Pest at least half a dozen times. To save on time and taxi fare, I decided to book a hotel close to the Chain Bridge. And I’m glad I did. I walked across that bridge over a dozen times during my visit. It was ALWAYS worth the trek.

I picked the Art’otel Budapest on the Buda side. Now, the next question is which side do I like better – Buda or Pest? I still can’t make up my mind. On the Buda side, my favorite view is the one above of Pest from the top of Buda Castle.

At night, my favorite view is the view of Buda with Buda Castle in the backdrop as I’m walking across the Chain Bridge. Eastern Europe is all about palaces and castles. Buda Castle is my fifth one on this Prague-Vienna-Budapest Euro trip. Not complaining though. Especially if I had the chance to catch a sunset behind Budapest’s most famous foundation, the Matthias Fountain.

Buda Castle sits right on the Bank of Danube on the Buda side, hence the name Buda Castle. Across the river on the Pest side is a memorial called “Shoes by the Danube”. This cluster of metal shoes by the bank was created to commemorate the Hungarian Jews who were ordered to take off their shoes before being executed by the river during WWII. Their bodies fell over into the river and were carried away by the current of the river.

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