The Schonbrunn Palace used to be the emperor’s hunting ground, but is now filled with Greek statues and lush green gardens.


Schonbrun Palace, which is German for “beautiful springs”, is much like the Belvedere Palace. This royal residence was also built in Baroque-style architecture and currently preserved as a museum.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Schonbrunn Palace was purchased by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II. It was used as his own personal hunting ground. Now, it’s a serene estate filled with lush gardens and statues of mythical and historical figures.

My favorite part of the palace was The Neptune Fountain and the Gloriette, which used to be a dining and festival hall. It is now a cafe and observation deck with a panoramic view of the city. The cafe was closed when I arrived. I wish I could have had  a hot coffee on that cold November day as I looked out into the horizon.

In front of the Gloriette is The Neptune Fountain with carvings of Neptune, the Greek god of the sea. She commands the waters and all the creatures in it to symbolize the monarchs controlling the fate of their people.

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