See what it’s like to live like royalty at the Belvedere Palace from roaming through a three-tier palace garden to admiring a stunning ceiling fresco.


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Next stop after the Prague Castle? Vienna’s Belvedere Palace, a beautiful Baroque palace-turned-museum with the main residence sitting on lush green grass – even on a nippy November day.

Much of the building is preserved to give tourists a view of the royal family’s daily lives. Audio tours are available, but if you rather not pay for admission there is a peaceful three-tier palace garden free of charge.

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The complex has two levels: the Upper Belvedere and the Lower Belvedere. Original, I know. The Lower Belvedere was the residential living quarters and the Upper Belvedere was reserved for politics and official meetings.

The Upper Belvedere houses a gorgeous ceiling fresco (pictured above). Photos are prohibited, but I snapped one anyway. I pretended to take a picture of the replica sitting directly underneath the ceiling fresco. I positioned my iPhone above the stand where the replica was shown. Instead of the using the back camera to take a photo of the replica, I used the front-facing camera to take a photo of the ceiling. Flash off, of course. Clever, eh?

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