One car accident. Two concussions. A snowboarding trip of epic proportions in Mont Tremblant.


Missing my #winterwonderland in #Canada. #tremblant #powder #snowboarding #memories

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This is how bonds are formed. I came on this trip with a friend and left knowing a group of great people, fantastic memories and unforgettable stories.

Thanks to old friends, I’ve made new friends. Friends who drag you through the mountain cause you’re a snowboarding newb. Friends who re-enact Korean music videos while cooking dinner. Friends who make funny faces with you on a frozen lake. Friends who listen to your failed love life over hot cocoa. Friends who are grateful to have met you.

We bonded over friends who can’t drive in the snow cause they’re from Cali – hence the car accident and friends who are just as terrible as you on the slopes – hence the concussions.

Three words: I am blessed.

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