Good bye, ‘murica! Hellooooooo, Canada!


This is Mont Tremblant – Quebec, Canada. When was the last time I hit the slopes? I can’t even remember. Too long. But with powder like this, I’ll take a tumble or two.

Getting here took 10 hours with plenty of time to interrogate friends’ love lives and sing along to K-pop. Isn’t that what road trips are for?

Brunch time with @cachung1990! Apple pancakes, you’re going down!!! #nyceats #nomnomnom

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Right before, or was it after – I can’t remember, crossing the border we stopped to refuel. And when I say refuel, I mean coffee, coffee, coffee and stacks of strawberry pancakes cause I’m all about that maple syrup.

By the time we reached our house it was Tex-Mex time, but all I could think about were the smores we would be soon be toasting by the fire side.

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