Summers in NYC means putting up with the stench of garbage and urine to experience festivals and art exhibitions all over the city.


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Most New Yorkers have a love/hate relationship with the city. I know I do. I can’t stand the humidity – especially when I’m waiting in an underground train station. I can feel all that city grim clogging up my pores and I can’t wait to peel my pants off when I get home. That’s what it’s like to spend summers in NYC.

Oh, and that smell? Yea, I hate getting random whiffs of it while I’m walking down the street minding my own business. Sometimes I don’t know what’s worst – that smell or having to deal with tourists who have all the time in the world while I get pedestrian rage from being forced to have to saunter to work.

Looking good #NYC. It’s still #summertime in my mind. #runthiscity #governorsisland

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But when I can’t get out of bed because the air outside my blanket is too cold, that’s when I find myself wishing it was summertime again. I miss the bright colors. I miss wearing it. I miss seeing it. I miss living in it. You know what else I miss?

I miss the ferry rides to Governors Island, my escape from the concrete jungle. It’s not a hidden gem like it used to be before all the tourists started making their way out there, but it’s certainly quieter than Central Park.

Governors Island’s picnics, jazz festivals and music concerts are what summers in NYC are all about. They’ve had the FIGMENT exhibition on the island for the past few years now and other cool art installations. There’s also mini-golf! If you’re looking for a farmer’s tan, playing in the summer will definitely get you one. The only downside is that the food is terrible and terribly expensive.

Speaking of food – I miss eating it outside. Looking back, I had a summer of delicious eats. When I moved back home from DC, where good food was hard to come by as a broke grad student, I couldn’t wait to eat my way through the summer.

And that’s why I gained 10 pounds after coming home. It was so worth it though. I can always shiver it off when winter time comes. There’s nothing better than enjoying good food with good company while drinking the night away in the city that never sleeps.

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