Take a break from the city with a quick ferry ride to Governors Island before it becomes another tourist attraction!


Feeling like a kid again! #dontwannagrowup #kidatheart #governorsisland #carnival #lifeisgood

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Governors Island is one of my favorite places in NYC. I prefer it over Central Park. The only down side is the lack of affordable food options on the island. The selection is usually over priced and the serving size is never enough to call it a real meal.Good thing they let visitors pack their own food.

I missed the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party this year, but I made it to one of their newer events – Fete Paridiso! This vintage French carnival made me feel like a kid again, especially since the island gives off such an old time vibe with all its Victorian houses and grassy promenades.

Appreciating my city gems in between meetings. #thankful #nyc #runthiscity #likeaboss #empirestateofmind

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If you walk closer to the water, you’ll find that the city life is never too far away. Sometimes I don’t know what captivates me more – the lush greeneries that vastly differs from the concrete jungle I trek through every day or the mysteries hidden in between and inside these NYC skyscrapers.

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