I checked “riding on an elephant” off my bucket list on my Thailand trip, but didn’t realize it’s not always the most socially responsible thing to do.


Riding on an #elephant train. #enoughsaid #travel #Thailand #Bangkok

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The small backlash at the Tiger Temple was slightly mitigated by my excitement to complete the next “must-do” in Bangkok – riding on an elephant! I held on for dear life as we crossed a small river. The elephant in front of me peed like a waterfall. The last thing I want is to fall over and be drenched it in.

The elephant behind me was quite mischievous – tapping me with its trunk and blowing air at me as we made our way down the bushy path. Good thing it didn’t have bad breath. I was too enveloped in the experience to even notice the heat and humidity.

Bubba says, “hello”. #elephant #Travel #Thailand #Bangkok

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I shared my experience riding on an elephant in Thailand on Instagram and it wasn’t long before someone pointed out that many elephant farms discipline their animals abusively in order to get them to be obedient. That totally put a downer on my elephant ride.

Just crossed ‘riding on an elephant’ off my bucket list! 🙂 #Travel #Thailand #Bangkok

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