Pattaya Beach was supposed to be relaxing, but it was loitered by disgustingly horny Indian men who asked me, “how much?”!


Getting baked (literally) on #Pattaya #Beach. #TravelTuesday #Thailand #Bangkok

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While my trip to Vietnam was short and my explorations were limited only to the Cu Chi Tunnels and Ho Chi Minh City, I packed my time in Thailand with all the things you’re supposed to do when visiting Bangkok – minus the ping pong shows.

After a week of hard work wrapping up my consulting project in Vietnam, I decided to kick off my trip in Thailand by getting baked on Pattaya Beach. It’s a popular destination for tourists and expats, but quite a drive and a boat ride away from where I was staying.

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On the way to the beach, I made a pit stop at a dock in the middle of the ocean. It was such an obvious tourist trap. There was a small gift shop for sarongs and sun block, beach bags and flip flops. You could also go parasailing of the ship, which gave you all of two minutes in the sky.

On the day that I visited, it was especially popular for Indian nationals. After setting foot on the powdery white sand, I almost thought for a moment that I accidentally took a boat ride to India – also a destination I have yet to visit. Indian men were blatantly gawking at me in front of their wives, sisters and other lady relatives. They probably assumed I was a prostitute as it is a very common and unsubtle profession in Thailand. It was repulsive how horny they were. One even asked me, “how much?”!

If Pattaya Beach wasn’t so mainstream, it would have made for an amazing getaway. There’s nothing better than unwinding with the ocean breeze and bubble tea. Since the latter was no where to be found on the island, one out of two wasn’t bad.

I spent a majority of my time people watching under an umbrella. I was intrigued by the locals who worked there. Many of whom dressed like ninjas – covered from head to toe to prevent skin cancer and darker skin I presume.

Unlike Westerners, who aim to get bronzed at almost every chance they get, non-Western Asians prefer to have fair skin. Dark skin is a sign of lower class status. This notion comes from the belief that only the poor toil out in the fields.

Satisfied with getting all the Vitamin D I could stand, I was ready to get rested and face plant into my pillow for my visit the next day to the Tiger Temple.

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