Can you go snorkeling in Cancun if you don’t know how to swim? I found out the hard way.


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How did I fail at snorkeling? It was pretty simple: I don’t know how to swim. Armed with my college education, I came to the conclusion that snorkeling requires you to be under water so it’s not much different than drowning. Except I totally forgot about the floating part, which I can’t seem to do either.

Across the street from Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand Hotel is the Marina Punta Este, a marina where I was told not to put on non-biodegradable SPF or sunblock because it would damage the nearby reefs. I took a 45-minute boat ride through the Nichupte Lagoon towards the Punta Nizuc reef in the Mexican Caribbean, basking in the sun as the boat zipped passed rich, green mangrove canals.

I was the only one who didn’t know how to swim, but I was also one of the first ones to get into the water as soon as the boat stopped.

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Dumb idea. I started flailing like a fish as soon as I realized that my feet couldn’t touch the floor. I drank a few mouthful of salt water before my tour guide hauled my ass back up to the boat.

Even though I wasn’t able to snorkel with everyone else, I was still happy to be able to appreciate all the rich colors around me. I was lost in my own thoughts as I laid on the boat when tiny raindrops suddenly started pelting away. It was quite soothing at first, like little massages, but then the sky grew gray and the raindrops got bigger.

Back to the resort we go. Everyone scrambled to get  back on the boat. As we made our way back to Marina Punta Este, the sun appeared again and it was like it was like it never rained before. Thanks, Mother Nature. I guess your just as hormonally imbalanced as I am.

This press trip to Cancun, Mexico was made possible by Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand Hotel. Thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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