Don’t miss the Scorpion Temple at Park Royal Cancun Resort. It’s a reminder that Cancun isn’t just spring break & towering luxury hotels.


Scorpion Temple Cancun

The Scorpion Temple, or Templo del Alacran, sits on the highest point in Cancun at the Park Royal Cancun Resort. The temple gets its name from the remains of scorpion sculpture on its walls.

Entrance to see the ruins is free. I highly recommend visiting during the day as the steps are steep and somewhat rugged. With a lack of lighting and a few mojitos, it’s a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

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The Scorpion Temple is a hidden archaeological site and is easily overshadowed by the towering hotels that surround it. However, it’s a beautiful reminder of what this land once was in the Mayan days.

Many more of these structures were erected along the coastline and were used as watchtowers and navigational aids to guide sailors toward Chichen Itza.

The Mayans also used these coastal temples to warn others of storms and hurricanes. Some of the structures were built so that when the wind exceeded a certain speed, the towers would whistle to warn the locals to take shelter.

If you’d like to visit the ruins, speak to a staff member at the Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort or you can always get a view of it from the beach.

This press trip to Cancun, Mexico was made possible by Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand Hotel. Thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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