Happy hours in NYC are endless – especially in the summer! Here are some of my recent favs.


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I recently celebrated my one month work anniversary. Looking back, I wondered how I spent my free time? Luckily, Instagram captured it all. And now I feel like a fat ass.

Before I moved back to NYC, I made a mental list of all the people I wanted to catch up with. When I was younger, hanging out meant going to the mall, shooting pool, watching a movie or going bowling. Now that I’m old(er), hanging out means one of three things: 1) eating, 2) drinking or 3) eating AND drinking.

As a young professional, happy hours in NYC are essential. Unlike many places, Favela Cubana isn’t stingy with their $6 happy hour mojitos. And their $6 happy hour food specials make it so easy for me to decide what to order – one of everything! I wish it worked that way for the rest of the menu.

Bibimbap and Korean BBQ are excellent munchies after a night of drinking. And on a blistering hot summer day, Pimm’s Cup anyone? Homemade sushi is also a great alternative to cooking up a storm in this summer heat. But sometimes all I really want is some delicious carbs and fresh salad, and some chocolate macaroon ice cream sandwich from the Francois Payard Bakery.


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