Almudena Cathedral is Madrid’s first Cathedral when the capital moved from Toledo.


The Almudena Cathedral was built on the site of #Madrid’s first mosque. #Spain #Travel #latergram

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On my way to the Catedral de Nuestra Senior de la Almudena (what a mouthful!), I saw the same group of Chinese migrant workers next to a beautiful European building. They resettled to sell their fans on the street. I walked over and bought a red and orange fan for 2 Euros. Their faces lightened up when we spoke in Mandarin. It seems like the familiarity made a small difference in their daily struggle. It was a little piece of home.

The Catedral de Nuestra Senior de al Almundena, also known as the Almudena Cathedral, is one of Madrid’s modern cathedrals. It stands directly across from the Palacio Real. When Spain’s capital moved from Toledo to Madrid, the new capital did not have a cathedral and the Almudena Cathedral was built. Instead of the usual artwork you see in most cathedrals, this one is filled with pop art. The cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin of Almudena, was built on the site of Madrid’s first mosque.

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