Expect beautiful mosaics and neck pains during your visit to the Chora Church.


The Chora Church is a great place to escape the rain while continuing my exploration of Istanbul on a rainy day. Unfortunately, so did a lot of other tourists. It felt like all of Istanbul was crammed into the small Byzantine Church.

Located in the Edirnekapi district of Istanbul, the Chora Church was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. From the walls to the ceilings, its interior is plastered with beautiful mosaics and frescoes.

Everything was above eye level for me so I had to crank my head in a 90 degree angle to appreciate its beauty. I appreciated it well until I started getting dizzy from spinning around in circles taking these pictures.

Ceiling fresco at the Chora Church. #Istanbul #Turkey #Travel #latergram

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Mosaic at the Chora Church. #Istanbul #Turkey #travel #latergram

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