Dr. Sun Ya-Sen’s political philosophy rests on Three Principles of the People – nationalism, democracy and the people’s livelihood


At the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the founding father of The Republic of #China. #Nanjing #hesabigdeal

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Nanjing was the last place I visited in China before I headed back to New York. I saved it for last because it was only a short train ride away from Shanghai. It was a somber trip but a good time for self-reflection and philosophical pondering. Great way to wrap up five months in China, right?

I went to pay my respect to the Founding Father of The Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, at his mausoleum located at the foot of Mount Zijin (Purple Mountain). He is one of China’s most revered revolutionary and political leader.

One of Dr. Sun Ya-Sen’s legacies was his political philosophy, the Three Principles of the People (三民主義). It includes the principle of nationalism (民族), democracy (民權) and the People’s Livelihood (民生), which have yet to be achieved by the Chinese people today.

Born in Guangzhou, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen is a son of the province where my ancestors are from and where part of my family still lives. People from the south, especially in the Guangdong province, are extremely proud of his lifetime achievements and the path he set forth for the future of China. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen traveled the world knowing that it was the only way to acquire the knowledge and ideas he needed to promote unity amongst the Chinese people and to further develop China as a nation.

Sun often said that the formulation of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, had been the inspiration for the Three Principles of the People. –Wikipedia

Sun warned that “the British treat nations as the silkworm farmer treats his worms; as long as they produce silk, he cares for them well; when they stop, he feeds them to the fish.” – Wikipedia

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