Qufu, the place where Confucius was born, had the worst hole-in-the-ground makeshift toilet I’ve ever seen!


Kong Family Mansion in #Qufu, #Confucius’ birthplace. #China #travel

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Unlike all the other places I visited in China, Qufu was the least touristy of them all. The main, and probably only, attraction is the Kong Family Mansion, home of China’s most prominent teacher and philosophers – Confucius.

It’s the second largest historical complex in China after the Forbidden City in Beijing. Like everywhere else in China, there were plenty of people trying to make a buck or two selling useless items. I was offered water bottles, maps, bicycle rentals, tour guides and souvenirs – all from the same lady!

Sometimes I feel like there’s no such thing as common sense in China. When paying respect to someone as important as Confucius, you’d think that visitors would be quite, considerate and respectable.

Instead, a Chinese tour guide blasted her megaphone toward a tourist group while another tried to sell them flowers to place on the tomb. Isn’t it a little despicable to exploit a dead man’s resting place?

Before leaving Qufu, I made a pit stop at the bus station’s “restroom”. By now I’ve grown more comfortable with squat toilets, but these look like someone just hacked holes on to the tile floor with a stone ax. What I wasn’t prepared for were the absence of stalls and doors. As soon as I walked in, I got an eye full of fully exposed ladies in squat positions. I really had to go so I took care of my business in the corner, facing the poop stained wall. It was the worst restroom experience ever. Who can top that?

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