Terracotta Army was discovered by local farmers and created to protect the Emperor of China in his afterlife.


Terracotta soldiers in #Xian, #China. #Travel

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Xian is most known for the Terracotta Army, an excavation site located about an hour away in the city’s suburbs. Inside the old city walls, plenty of tour companies run the route. Like many major attractions, buses drop off visitors at local markets where rows of shop owners sell identical souvenirs. Other than getting ripped off, these tourist traps are the second most annoying thing about being a tourist.

It was a bit of a walk from the drop off point to the Terracotta Army entrance. The site was discovered by a local farmer who was digging for a water well. The army is now housed in multiple pits. The main excavation area is filled with a sea of stone soldiers created to protect the Qin Emperor in his afterlife. The second pit contains the cavalry, infantry units and war chariots drawn by horses. The remaining pits are much smaller.

Since the army is housed inside, the best way to avoid having to elbow your way through the pits is to go on a rainy day. It might also prevent the hordes of shop owners from approaching you to buy their goods.

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