Every town has it’s charm. In Wuzhen, it’s their handmade noodles and rice wine. Don’t leave without having a taste!


Reminiscing about my days traveling through #China. First stop #Wuzhen, a town built on water.

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When the travel bug first bit, I thought I could do it all. I wanted to take on the nightlife and catch all the cultural stuff during the day. A trip to Wuzhen taught me otherwise.

Running on an hour of sleep after a night of karaoking, I woke up and met the floor with my face. I scrambled to put myself together for the two-hour bus ride to Wuzhen from Shanghai.

Wuzhen is a water town built on rivers and canals and lined with wooden hut houses. On a cloudy day, the small arched bridges and low hanging tree leaves give the town a very down-to-earth charm.

Highlights of the water town include:

  • The friendly noodle man who created hand-made noodles by looping and looping slabs of dough until it turned into a handful of stringy noodles.
  • A yard full of colorful silk being air-dried on bamboo sticks.
  • Rows and rows of concrete jars filled with fermented rice wine.

I can just imagine what it would be like to spend a weekend in a town like this. I’d enjoy an evening of fine rice wine and cure my morning hangover with some warm noodle soup.

After a long week at work, wouldn’t that sound enticing?

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