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48 Hours in Hiroshima

As with many things in Hiroshima, the city has built and rebuilt itself after the devastation of the atomic bomb in 1945 during World War II. It took me over 30 hours to get from […]

Miyajima, Japan: Island of Gods & Free Roaming Deers

22 hour flight, 4 hour layover and a 6 hour train ride later, I finally arrived in Hiroshima from New York. This was the longest journey I had ever taken. Why did I do this to […]

DIY Norway in a Nutshell Tour

Norway in a Nutshell is one of Europe’s most scenic train rides and it’s not cheap.      To save a few bucks, DIY! Bergen > Voss > Gudvangen > Aurland > Flam > Oslo. […]

Mount Floyen & The Nine Billy Goats

Mount Floyen is one of the seven mountains that surround beautiful Bergen and offers unobstructed views of the city center and neighboring fjords. It’s a popular attraction for both tourists and locals. Many locals prefer […]

Bergen: A Norwegian City Surrounded by Seven Mountains

Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway. It is the start of one of Europe’s most scenic train rides – Norway in a Nutshell. There are various routes to take depending on the […]

A Day in Stockholm’s Old Town: Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan’s narrow cobblestone streets, along with its mustard and rust colored buildings, are quintessential images of Stockholm. If you only had a day or two in this city, and frankly that’s probably all you […]

Vete-Katten: Stockholm’s Premium Pastry Shop

Vete-Katten serves premium quality traditional Swedish pastries at premium prices. But then again, everything in Sweden felt premium to me. Vete-Katten, which stands for “the cat knows” is by far my favorite cafe in all […]

Explore Southern Iceland In A Day

Best to pack an extra set of clothes for when you’re exploring Southern Iceland. There’s a saying here that goes: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. The Golden Circle tour took me through […]